But fear lets us know we’re alive. It tells me that you care about what happens between us because the mind doesn’t waste time being scared about things that don’t matter.
Cora Carmack, Faking It (via quoted-books)
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I wasn’t expecting your visit in the Gemini Temple, something happens?”


—Más grande es mi sorpresa encontrarte en plena luz del día, Defteros —replicó Dégel, pausando en su trayecto a través del Tercer Templo.— No pasa nada de interés. Tan sólo disponía cruzar por las estancias de Géminis, con el permiso del custodio, claro está.

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Ya a la venta!!!

Saintia Sho Vol.03 / TLC Gaiden Vol.11 / EPG Assassin Vol.01

Thanks:  @secai70 - @EFR390 Twitter

saintseiya-zone karinnet

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Special Cards!! - Anibro.jp

聖闘士星矢EPISODE.G アサシン①巻 


聖闘士星矢 THE LOST CANVAS 冥王神話外伝⑪巻

Source: Anibro.jp


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[ Just going through the roughest part of the semester. I’ll be back after I sort out this damn project and propel myself out of this hellhole. ]

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So the purpose of this meme is to give a little info on your muses without having to rely on others to fill your ask with meme questions. I know how disappointing it can be to come back to an empty ask so I wanted to create a meme that anyone and everyone can do (mun and muse). The rules are simple, you do not need to be tagged to fill out the questions, but once you have you must reblog and tag 10 of your followers to spread the love (as well as add a question of your own to the bonus section). You can fill it out as many times as your heart desires (we all know muses can change with their character development.)

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  1. Beta
  2. Dark brown
  3. Black
  4. Am the laziest and sleepiest penguin you’ll ever meet
  5. Teal
  6. My bed ;A; If an actual place, I guess it’d be the park near my grandma’s place. There’s an artificial lake and pedal-boats. I loved going there >w<
  7. N/A
  8. OTTERS. Or baby harp seals. Manatees. Penguins figure in the list too— GAH.
  9. N/A
  10. Oh no, don’t get me started ; u ;
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Imagine your otps


Imagine them curled up in bed at night, talking about nothing. Content to be in each other’s company.

Imagine them going out to dinner, or the movies, and poking fun at the others choice.

Imagine them doing normal couple things, like cooking dinner together or going furniture shopping.

Imagine them slow dancing in their home to soft music. Imagine slow dancing turning into slow kissing.

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It’s just the realization that there isn’t going to be a happily ever after. You put your dreams on hold, time goes by and one day you realize it’s never going to happen.
Derek Ciccone, Officer Jones
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The people we love get under our skin and crawl through our veins and fine their way into our heart. They choke up our blood flow and mess up our breathing and tangle themselves through our bodies like wire. Like razors, like fire.
We remember them even when we don’t remember them.
We try and forget, but it’s pointless.
Even amnesia. Even comas and brain damage and traumatic shock.
Whatever makes us not remember, we still remember.
Our minds flounder like fish but our bodies…
Our bodies remember.
Katrina Leno, The Half Life of Molly Pierce (via quoted-books)
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Muse things

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[ //smooshes and huggles and cries over da friends ; u ; ]

1. Name of your muse: Aquarius Dégel.

2. One picture you like best of your muse’s FC: 

I’m between this one for the lush pengu hair


and this one for the confident pengu smile.


But… I think I’ll go with this:


3. Two headcanons you have for your muse that you have never told anyone:

  • I mentioned this only once a while ago… Dégel has three biological siblings: an older brother and two younger sisters.
  • He was very self conscious of the short fauld of his Cloth— Nah, he still is.

4. Three things your muse loves doing in their free time:

  • Reading (too obvious ;; )
  • Composing letters
  • Researching

5. Four people that your muse “loves”: 

  • Seraphina
  • Unity
  • Krest
  • Kardia

6. Three fond childhood memories:

  • His meeting with Krest. He had ran away from a life of luxury and the ‘mysterious’ man opened his eyes to a world that wasn’t all black and white.
  • His time with the Garcia family.
  • (Not quite that young anymore) When Kardia told him about his heart. Dégel remembers it as the first time he opened up to him.

7. One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change:

Everyone he holds dear (see #5).

8. Tag 10 people to do the same:

I don’t think I’ll reach 10 oAo;; secondcoin-of-lostgemini, ixen-kitril, goldengod-hypnos, bittersweet-apple, dreamscomeatnight

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Believe in your dreams and make them worthy of you.

"May them be the fire that thaws the future and lights a path of hope."

{ Aquarius Dégel }
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